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Healing Centre

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Healing was very much a part of what Jesus did and he gave his followers the authority to do the same.

Open 10am - noon.

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Bethel Sozo

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NKCC runs a Bethel Sozo ministry whose purpose is to enable people to live in ‘wholeness’ and grow in their connection to God.

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NKCC is renaming to Eastgate

the new eastgate logo

In 2014 we moved into our new building, Eastgate. For many years we've been known as North Kent Community Church or NKCC and now, with Eastgate as our home, we have another name associated with us. Also, God gave us a clear direction that he was placing us at the east gate to the city (hence, the building's name).

So, to avoid confusion and to clearly align ourselves with God's direction for us, we have decided to rename our church to Eastgate.

Work is well under way to implement the name change and we plan to 'officially' launch as Eastgate in September. As well as a new logo which you can see above we will be launching a brand new website.

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